SureLock® All-Suture

Inserter – Controlled Deployment
Product Details

The SureLock All-Suture Anchor provides strong, reproducible fixation through an innovative deployment method to keep the creep out of your all-suture fixation.

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Novel Inserter-Controlled Deployment Method

  • Eliminates manual tensioning  that can lead to partial deployment or anchor pull-out
  • Provides consistent anchor delivery beneath the cortex
Single and Double Loaded Anchors

  • 1.4mm single loaded anchor
  • 2.2mm double loaded anchor
48% Less Creep than Competitive All-Suture Anchors

Strong, Reliable Repair

  • 322N of pull-out strength for the 1.4mm anchor*
  • 472N of pull-out strength for the 2.2mm anchor*
Smaller footprint for minimal bone removal
Curved and straight drill guides

  • Ensures easy tear access for precise anchor placement
High strength UHMWPE suture

  • Allows for smooth suture sliding and knot tying
Predictable Fixation. Mystery Solved.

*Data upon request

Surgeon Testimonial

“The SureLock Anchor provides excellent stability immediately upon deployment without the worry of anchor creep commonly seen with other all-suture anchors. This superior product delivers the reliability and strength of a traditional suture anchor, yet has the advantages of an all-suture anchor construct. The SureLock System is the next generation of all-suture anchor fixation because it brings you the best of both worlds.”
– Andrew Willis, MD, Tri-County Orthopedics, Morristown, New Jersey

Intended Use

The SureLock All-Suture Anchors are intended to be used for the reattachment of soft tissue to bone for the following indications: Shoulder, Foot and Ankle, Elbow, Hand and Wrist, Hip, Knee.

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