Quattro® Bolt

Tenodesis Screw
Available Sizes

5x10mm, 6x12mm, 7x14mm, 8x16mm, 9x16mm

Product Details

The Quattro Bolt Tenodesis Screw provides solid, tendon-in-socket fixation for soft tissue repairs and reconstructions. The unique system preserves tendon integrity and efficiently decreases overall steps for deployment, offering surgeons a quick, reliable solution for tenodesis.

Versatile Repair Methods – All-Arthroscopic or Mini Open

  • Saves O.R. time by reducing procedural steps
  • No need to exteriorize the tendon

Quattro Bolt Tenodesis Screws

Strong, Reliable Fixation

  • Tendon-in-socket fixation
  • High pull-out strength up to 404N*

Mallet/Screw-in Deployment

  • Decreases amount of turns in the socket
  • Preserves tendon integrity

Intuitive Device Ergonomics

  • Pre-loaded driver snare supports easy suture loading
  • Driver includes suture cleat for tendon control and tension

PEEK-OPTIMA® Technology:

  • Proven material offers a biomechanically stable construct for healing
  • Will not cause adverse tissue reactions or break down prematurely

Simple Suturing Technique with the Lock-Stitch® Suture Passer

  • Easily grabs and tags the biceps tendon arthroscopically
  • Eliminates need for whip stitching

Quattro Bolt
Intended Use

The Quattro Bolt Tenodesis Screws are intended to be used for the reattachment of soft tissue to bone for the following indications: Shoulder, Foot and Ankle, Knee, Elbow, Hand and Wrist.

Quattro Bolt Surgical
Bolt Animation

* Data available upon request, sizes 8mm & 9mm.

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