Clinical Research Summary

White Papers & Independent Studies

  • Fixation Strength of AperFix – Download PDF
  • Aperture Fixation in ACL Reconstruction ImprovesS Graft Stiffness and Biologic Healing – Download PDF
  • Biomechanical Comparison of Interference Screws and Sheath Devices for Soft
    Tissue ACL Reconstruction on the Tibial Side – Download PDF
  • (Bisson) Biomechanical Effects of Allograft Splitting – Download PDF
  • (Burke) Tunnel Widening of Aperture Fixation vs. CrossPin Fixation – Download PDF
  • (Connor) Analysis of AperFix Outcomes – Download PDF
  • (Abell) Comparison of Soft Tissue ACL Fixation Methods – Download PDF
  • iFix Fixation Strength – Download PDF
  • Biomechanical Pull-out Strength of Quattro X and Link Rotator Cuff Anchors – Download PDF
  • Biomechanical Pull-out Strength of Quattro GL Glenoid Labrum Repair Anchors – Download PDF
  • Biomechanical Pull-out Strength & Cyclic Testing of The SureLock All-Suture Anchors – Download PDF

AperFix Specific Research

  • (Baker) PCL reconstruction with a soft tissue System – OrthoSuperSite – View Publication
  • (Schachter) Single Tunnel Double Bundle ACL Reconstruction – Techniques in Knee Surgery 2009 – View Publication
  • (Cooper) ACL Revision of a Relatively New Implant System – Orthopedics 2009 – View Publication
  • (Uribe) PCL Reconstruction with AperFix Fixation – Orthopedics Today 2010 – View Publication
  • (Gadikota, Gill, Montgomery) Biomechanical Comparison of STDB and SB ACL Recon – AJSM 2009 – View Publication

CrossFix Specific Research

  • (Barber) Biomechanical Testing of New Meniscal Repair Technique – Arthroscopy 2009 – View Publication
  • (Nord) Posterior Lateral Meniscal Root Tears and Meniscal Repair – Orthopedics 2010 – View Publication

General Research Topics

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