Cayenne Medical Launches Second Generation Knee

Sometimes, life is all about timing. For medical device companies, timing can be crucial, particularly when it comes to new product launches.

Executives with Cayenne Medical Inc. recently demonstrated the efficacy of good timing when they launched the company’s second generation soft tissue knee repair device during the 2011 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting in San Diego, Calif. Read more…

Young athlete overcomes severe knee injury

When athletic-minded Emily Potthast tore her anterior cruciate ligament — or ACL — in her right knee, she feared her high school athletic career might be ended.

“I was coming down from a rebound; there was no contact or anything,” she said. “It just tore. I immediately fell to the ground. It was the worst pain of my life.”

It happened during a summer league basketball game. She damaged her ACL and her meniscus — part of the connective mechanism that helps the knee operate. Read more…

AZRepublic Interview

A sports-medicine device company in north Scottsdale recently reached the 50,000-implant milestone after years of product development and testing.

Cayenne Medical Inc., on the northeastern corner of 92nd Street and Bahia Drive, develops and sells products used in knee ligament and muscle repair. The milestone was announced recently at meeting of the Arthroscopy Association of North America. Read more…

Cayenne Medical reaches 50,000 Implant Milestone

Stronger, Less Invasive Knee Ligament Reconstruction and Meniscal Repair Technology Transforming Soft Tissue Market

Scottsdale, AZ —November 18, 2010 — Cayenne Medical, Inc., a private sports medicine device company, annaounces that it has reached its 50,000 implant milestone.  Specializing in the soft tissue segment, Cayenne currently offers products that address previously unmet clinical needs in knee ligament reconstruction and meniscal repair, including the AperFix® System, CrossFix™ Meniscal Repair System and iFix® System.  The announcement was made today at the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) 29th Fall Course in Phoenix, AZ. Read more…

Using the CrossFix® Meniscal Device

by Keith D. Nord, MD, MS; Michael Krueger, MD

Meniscal repair indications have not really changed in recent years. Typically younger, more active patients with concomitant ACL reconstruction and peripheral-third vertical tears continue to be the “best” repair candidates. However, even in these “ideal” candidates, meniscal repair continues to represent a significant challenge. While most will not dispute that vertical tears greater than 1 cm in the peripheral-third of the meniscus should be repaired, there has been new attention on repairing posterior root tears. With these root tear repairs, an inside-out repair is not feasible due to the posterior midline placement of the needles and the passage of the suture. Read more…