BioWick SureLock®

Interpositional Bioresorbable Scaffold Wick


Introducing the First and Only

Interpositional Bioresorbable Scaffold Wick
for Rotator Cuff Repair

BioWick SureLock Implant

Behind the Biology

Interpositional bioresorbable scaffold wick

  • Arthroscopically deployed between tendon and bone

Aligned fibers in the scaffold wick

  • Scaffold wick is composed of aligned, PLGA microfibers designed to mimic fiber alignment of the extracellular matrix (collagen) in the rotator cuff tendon

Statistically significant sheep study results

  • Significant improvements in histology with no adverse tissue response in the treated vs. control group

Reduced bone removal

  • Smaller pilot hole with no need for decortication to create bleeding bony bed

Simple, reproducible delivery

  • Integrated anchor technology allows implant to be placed in between tendon and bone using current standard arthroscopic techniques

Behind the Data*

BioWick GLP Sheep Study Conducted at Colorado State University: The randomized, controlled 56 animal study yielded statistically significant improvements in the treated group versus the control group.*

Improved Healing Parameters

  • Higher percentage of perpendicular fibers at the tendon-bone interface
  • Greater new bone formation at the tendon-bone interface
  • Higher percentage of tendon-bone integration with tissue
  • Higher levels of Collagen III

No persistent test article-related toxicologically relevant histopathologic findings compared to control.

*Animal study outcomes are not necessarily predictive of human results

BioWick SureLock Animation
BioWick SureLock Scope Video

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